What is at the heart of UU’ism for you, for us collectively? How is that heart alive today – in me, in you? I ponder these questions at General Assembly, surrounded by thousands of UU’s from around the country and the world, drawn together by the crises of our times and the need to respond with hope and vision. I feel the habit of urgency and busyness. I breathe in and look around. Where is my heart right now – opening beyond myself, to the physical world, to other beings around me, to the presence within me. I feel the heart opening, bringing me more fully present, as I remember encounters with Sam, Scott, Dee, Odin, Margie, Chris, Walter. (The list goes on.) My heart, opening to the Great Heart, needs me to remember and cherish them all, shaping a powerful sense of ‘now,’ and ‘here.’ These positive experiences build resilience in us, allowing us to be present even when others around us are gripped by fear, blame, meanness. We remember the smile arising when we see a colleague, a friend, a stranger, a baby, and when we are seen. The heart of UU’ism comes alive through us, as we open to our own hearts, to each other. What makes your heart smile today? How are you the heart of UU?