As I write this, we are at the midpoint of summer. Slow season already turning toward fall’s new beginnings. In this constantly changing dance, what helps us show up with authenticity? In our national environment of manipulation and meanness, what helps us stay in our hearts? Over the coming year, I’m going to suggest a shared UU spiritual practice, using our 7 UU pinciples and 6 UU sources. I welcome your input, suggestions and participation.

For the month of August, we start with the 1st principle: We affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of every individual.

How it works: Set the intention for the day. At the end of the day, reflect on what you noticed, what was hard, what was easy, how it affected you, what you’re learning.

Here are intentions for the 5 weeks of August and early September:

August 1-7: Today I’ll look for the inherent worth and dignity of those I encounter.

August 8-14: Today I’ll look for the inherent worth and dignity of someone who pushes my buttons.

August 15-21: Today I’ll notice when I’m aware of my own inherent worth and dignity.

August 22-28: Today I’ll notice with compassion when I have a hard time feeling my own worth and dignity.

August 29-September 4: Today I’ll choose one meeting, interaction or conversation to pay special attention to when, where and with whom I’m aware of worth and dignity and when I’m not.

May your spiritual practice go well.

Rev. Mary