The worship theme for August is Expectation. What do you expect?
I expect and look forward to continuing uplifting services and TED Talks from service leaders and representatives from groups in our congregation. I expect a continuing rise in cases of Covid-19 in Ohio and nationwide as people gather. I expect new information from science about the virus. I expect push back on the science from politicians manipulating opinion to benefit their re-election. I expect growing divisiveness in our culture as both parties hold conventions later this month (Aug 17-20, Democrats; Aug 24-27, Republicans).

In the next few month we will be tested by the most volatile presidential election in recent history. How will we respond? How will we keep from getting overwhelmed and played by forces trying to silence us?

I expect us to step up as Unitarian Universalists, to support each other in living our values, grounded in love for life, respecting everyone. Remembering that sometimes ‘respect’ means not resorting to name-calling but speaking truth about the consequences of hate- and fear-based policies.

I expect us to hold everyone accountable to UU values, starting with ourselves, extending out to include one another, extending further to include those who don’t share our opinions, and who also want their lives to matter and their voices to be heard.

I expect to deepen my spiritual practice of mindfulness meditation in every morning and taking breaks throughout the day to play the piano, in order to stay centered in my heart and not allow my attention to be played by crises or habits of blame and rant.

How are you staying centered in the moment, with an open heart?

I expect us all to become more skillful in calming our minds and bodies in order to be of benefit in this extraordinary time. I expect gathering gratitude as we deepen our shared practice as UU’s in community.