Mary’s Musings: Wondering What’s Emerging…

As we begin the month of July, our lives shaped by concern for collective well-being – both in response to Covid-19 and to global resistance to racist killings – we awaken to emerging possibilities. Individually we must each find ways to awaken each day, to be at peace, to be of service, to learn. And we must find ways to be in relationship: supporting each other, learning from each other, growing together. As a congregation, we must witness and hold it all, support us all, and wonder at our emerging world.

Some of us have emerged into the Zoom world. And others have not.

What new ways are emerging to be in one another’s hearts and thoughts? Even with the building still closed, how might we be in one another’s presence responsibly?

In June, one spontaneous crew of gardeners cared for the church grounds together. They had so much fun gardening in sight of each other, they decided to do it again: So four members of WISE Women are going to garden together in July. How might you enjoy emerging into collective service – wearing a mask, at a socially responsible distance, for an hour? Email me your thoughts.

What’s emerging in you after months of pandemic confinement?

What’s emerging for me is deeper appreciation for the beauty all around: Staying put, not racing out to meetings, waking up to the sounds of the birds, sitting on our balcony watching the morning sky brighten, walking in the early morning, watching rabbits and new-born deer. A simple presence is emerging in me, joy in Life.

I’m also witnessing appreciation emerging for each other.

Who are you appreciating today?

I lift up those who pause in conversations and meetings to reflect back the gift of being seen and heard by others. You inspire me to be more vulnerable, more present, more kind.

I?m grateful for those participating in Zoom services, in the Poetry, Dream, Meditation, Finishing Strong, Yin Yoga and WISE Women groups. I’m grateful for all who attend committee and Board meetings on Zoom. We are learning to be present in new ways.

And I miss those who aren’t on Zoom. I’d love to hear from you.

I wonder what’s emerging for you?

And I wonder how we will listen together for what’s emerging for our congregation, our communities, our human family.

How exciting that we get to wonder – and emerge – together.