Hush, Wait, Listen

In the late 1990s, I asked the Universe (aka my beautiful heart or deepest wisest Self) for guidance, to help in my meditation practice and in my life. What did I need to become less reactive, more present? The pithy answer came: Hush, Wait, Listen! It became my mantra. And then it started to sing to me. I published its song. But never recorded it. Last month, a colleague in Chicago asked for permission to record and share it during a Sunday live-streaming service. It was powerful to hear the words of Life (of Love) coming back to remind me. To remind us. In this end-of-year time, when nature is showing us how to let go, let us refrain from reactivity. Let us pause for a few deep breaths – right now while you’re reading this – to Hush! the chattering mind, to Wait! for the shoulders to fall away from the ears, and to Listen! to the stillness, the pause, the gap between thoughts, between breaths. Allowing the peace and joy underneath it all – our true nature as our Buddhist friends say – to arise within us and all around. So we all may become the peace needed in our world. So we all may be of service.

How? Hush. Wait. Listen. Listen. [Repeat]

Rev Mary