It has been a full-time challenge to stay open-hearted, open-minded, healthy and spiritually open in the turbulence of the election (and pandemic. No one can foretell how this most weighty election will go. Our society has been pummeled by voices of fear. We know we need to heal. How to begin? I share these words (adapted) from SoulMatters:

In 1671 John Milton wrote,
“apt words have power to swage
The tumors of a troubled mind
And are as balm to festered wounds.”

What words have healed you? What poem, book or music lyric helped you hold on? Gave you hope? Led you to a new you?

As a way of testifying to the truth of Milton’s quote, spend some time this month revisiting the words you once held on to in order to hold yourself together.

Maybe it’s not about revisiting for you. Maybe your work is to find your current “healing words” – the words you need right now to deal with today’s wounds and worry. Whichever it is, remember that healing words aren’t always easy or immediately comforting. Sometimes the words we need to hear are the ones that are hard to hear, that shake us awake.

Bring that healing poem, quote, book or music lyric to the groups and committee meetings and services you attend this month. Be ready to share your story of the healing it offered – or is offering – to you.

But here’s a catch: before you share them with our congregation(s), share them with someone you love, near or far.

Odds are, you are not the only one who needs those words.

Help someone find healing in this turbulent time by sharing with them the words you found. Consider giving it some gravitas by writing them in a letter! That’s right, go old school with this one. Don’t just type it into the cold pixels of your computer and hit send. Instead, sit down and let your chosen words leak lovingly from pen to paper. Allow that old process to slow you down and force you to take the time not just to pass on the inspiring words, but also why those words are healing you right now, and why you thought it might offer healing to them.

May we be a community of healing, together!
Rev. Mary