For some of us, December brings the end of a semester. For all of us, after Thanksgiving celebrations, after the harvest, after a cycle of growth, we turn within, we take stock. In the Christian tradition, this is Advent, preparing for something which is yet to come. Advent, adventure, turning toward the future, within us, between us, and all around us.

I asked a woman how her chickens were doing. They don’t lay eggs during this darkening time. They start laying again around the solstice. They’re resting, taking stock, gathering force to begin again.

What did we learn this past semester? What do we need to integrate, so that when the light returns, when the force is with us, we bring new insights, new abilities, new freedoms?

I’m opening to listening more, noticing and letting go of preconceptions;  accepting myself as I am; looking for the light, the unexpected, the unique in the people around me (like you) and the unique opportunities that arise. Wondering: what may we become, what may we create together?