OUUC member, Wes Brown, proud father of Lydia Brown, shares words of praise for Lydia, accompanist extraordinaire at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music:

From Robin Guarino the engineer of the Bolcom Cabaret Songs at the Conservatory, writing to the performers: “What an astonishingly beautiful night last night. I was so profoundly moved by your work. I am so proud of you!”

From the Dean of the Conservatory, Peter Landgren: “…the magic that was created last evening at CCM…. a transformational experience for our students that resulted in last evening’s performance. I can’t wait to see where we might be able to take Bolcom’s Cabaret Songs from here…”

From the great pianist, James Tocco: “All who collaborated in this event – all who worked on this show – the positively amazing pianist Lydia Brown – are to be congratulated on an evening that will stay in my memory for a long time.”