For February, we consider the 6th UU principle, the goal of world community, with peace, liberty and justice for all


How it works: Read the question for the week.

Set your intention. Here are some examples of intentions:

– I’ll read the question every day and let it work on me.

– I’ll sit with the question for an hour on Wednesday evening.

– I’ll sit with the question in my meditation practice (or while I knit) three days this week.

– I’ll take the question with me during the day (or evening) on a small piece of paper in my

pocket or on my smart phone or tablet.

Keep a journal (or make notes on your computer or phone):
– How does the principle and the question live in you?

– What questions does it raise in you, for yourself,for others?

– How does the principle and the practice affect you?

– What changes for you over the week? – What are you learning?

Stay with one question per week, because it takes practice. Forgive yourself if you forget and come back the next day.

Feb 1-7 – What does world community mean to you now? What has it meant for you in the past?
Feb 8-14 – Who is the face of world community for you? How has yours been the face of world community for others?
Feb 15-21 – What is your vision of world community for the future – beyond nationalism, beyond neoliberalism?
Feb 22-28 – What is required for world community in 2019 – from us as citizens, from us as a congregation, from us as a country, from us as world citizens?

May your UU spiritual practice go well.
May you discover your voice as a world citizen.

Rev. Mary