For January, we continue with the 4th UU principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

How it works: Read the intention for the week. Each day, decide when you’ll engage the practice: Perhaps first thing, before getting up; or over breakfast or in the middle of the day, over lunch; or at the end of the day, before going to bed.

Keep a journal (or make notes on your computer or phone):

– What do you notice?
– What was hard?
– What was easy?
– How did it affect you?
– What changes over the week? – What are you learning?

We stay with one intention per week, because it takes practice (and sometimes we forget or get distracted).

Jan 1-7 – At the beginning of the new year, what truth energizes and challenges you for a new year of exploring, sharing and serving?

Jan 8-14 – In the second week of the new year, where do you search for truth as the days and week unfolds? Where does truth find you? Where are you awakened or surprised by truth?

Jan 15-21 – In the third week of the new year, what arises as an obstacle to the search for truth? How or when do you “numb out,” disregard or deny your own truth?

Jan 22-28 – In this last full week of January, what does a free and responsible search for truth look like? Why are these words important? What do they mean to you in the search for truth?

Jan 29-Feb 4 – As January turns to February, how does truth open into meaning for you? What meaning is growing in you from your exploration of truth in January 2019?

May your UU spiritual practice go well!