For May, we affirm and promote the 6th UU principle, the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.
This is our second round with principle 6, world community. Notice what encounters, stories or memories of world community touch your heart, giving you hope.

I am energized by the story from Slovakia, the election of their first woman president, Zuzana Caputova. The 45-year old lawyer began her activism in the late 90s, when she tried to stop an illegal dump from poisoning her hometown. Her organizing efforts led to huge street demonstrations. She stopped the dump and also won the esteemed Goldman Prize for environmental activism.

This year, she ran for president against a notoriously corrupt incumbent regime who assassinated journalists. She ran a positive campaign, pro-reproductive rights, pro-LGBT rights, pro-immigrant. She galvanized a strong majority across party lines. In victory, she sounded an optimistic note. “I am happy not just for the result, but mainly that it is possible not to succumb to populism, to tell the truth, to raise interest without aggressive vocabulary.” In a nod to the nation’s ethnic minorities, she delivered her acceptance speech not just in Slovak, but in Hungarian, Czech, Roma, and Ruthenian.

How it works: Read the question for the week.

Set your intention. Here are examples:
– Read the question every day and let it work on me.
– Sit with the question for an hour on Wednesday evening.
– Sit with the question in my meditation practice (or while I knit) three days this week.
– Take the question with me during the day (or evening) on a small piece of paper in my pocket or on my smartphone or tablet.

Keep a journal (or make notes on your computer or phone):
– How does the principle and the question live in me?
– What questions does it raise – for myself, for others?
– How does the principle and the practice affect me?
– What changes for me over the week?
– What am I learning?

Stay with one question per week, because it takes practice. Forgive yourself if you forget and come back the next day.

May 1-8 – How have your habits, thoughts and feelings about world community changed?
May 9-15 – What do you see as the single most challenging obstacle to world community in 2019? Who do you see addressing it?
May 16-23 – What leaders give you hope for world community? How can you share their message?
May 24-31 – What projects or organizations give you hope for world community? How can you participate or pass on their good news?

May your UU spiritual practice go well. May your beautiful heart welcome world community all around you!