For April,we affirm and promote the 5th UU principle,the use of the democratic process in our congregations and in the world.(Each person has a voice.)

How it works: Read the question for the week. Set your intention. Here are some examples of intentions:
– Read the question every day and let it work on me.
– Sit with the question for an hour on Wednesday evening.
– Sit with the question in my meditation practice (or while I knit) three days this week.
– Take the question with me during the day (or evening) on a small piece of paper in my pocket or on my smartphone or tablet.

Keep a journal (or make notes on your computer or phone):
– How does the principle and the question live in me?
– What questions does it raise – for myself, for others
– How does the principle and the practice affect me?
– What changes for me over the week?
– What am I learning?

Stay with one question per week, because it takes practice. Forgive yourself if you forget and come back the next day.


April 1-8 – As pre-candidates for the 2020 presidential race declare themselves, what do you hear from them that is positive or inspiring about the democratic process?

April 9-15 – As the congregation finishes its pledge drive preparing for a new congregational year and moves toward the annual meeting for a new or renewed Board of Trustees, Nominating Committee and Committee on Ministry, how are you using your voice to raise questions and share insights and hopes for a new round of growth? Is there some way you’d like to contribute to robust congregational democracy?

April 16-23 – As we celebrate Earth Day and Easter, what appreciations or observations are being (re)born in you about democracy in our congregation or in the wider world?

April 24-May 1 – Where do you find inspiring examples or stories of democratic leadership? Where do you find cautionary examples or stories?

May your UU spiritual practice go well. May you use your voice/vote as a member of a democratic congregation!