I’m enjoying themes from Soul Matters, a group of UU ministers/writers. The theme for March is Wisdom. As lingering winter wrestles with the restlessness of new life/more light within and around us, we do well to gather guidance from trusted sources of wisdom. What are yours?

I turn to the six UU Sources:

(1) direct experience of transcendent mystery within oneself, (2) prophetic words and deeds of those speaking truth to power, (3) Jewish and Christian teachings, (4) world religions, (5) science, (6) earth-centered voices. I am drawn most to (1), my direct experience and to (2), especially people of color reflecting on keeping faith with life in times of adversity.

One example, the four practices from ‘Radical Hope’ – learn the history of resistance to oppression; call on the strength of the ancestors; know your purpose and meaning; imagine a positive creative future.

I’m imagining a positive future in little ways throughout the day: When feeling overwhelmed, rushed, I slow down and breathe, releasing the lower back. It’s counter-intuitive. Like the chant by Charlie Murphy: “There are those who would set fire to the world. We are in danger. There is only time to move slowly. There is no time not to love.”

May we all find the wisdom to slow down, coming into this moment, with the amazing people all around us, breathing in gratitude for sharing this time, this congregation. Allowing ourselves to be guided by love, in all its guises, calling us to do what only each one of us can do.