I visited a woman several days after her surgery. She was looking forward to returning home the next day. I sat down across from her. She looked tired and ashen. I felt the gravity of her situation. Not wanting to tire her, I watched her closely as we started our conversation. An active lay leader, she became animated as she talked about bringing possible programs to her group; her eyes started to shine.

We jumped into exploring the possibilities. Her color became normal. And then she shared her professional work with small children. By the time I left, her face had come alive. She radiated a sense of health, well-being and vitality that was physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. How did this happen? By opening to what makes her come alive – in her congregation, her neighborhood and her work. I left feeling like I had witnessed an act of the life force, the coming of Spring. It leaves me with a question – for you, for me, and for our congregation:

What makes you come alive? What makes us come alive?