For October, we continue a shared UU spiritual practice, using our 7 UU principles.

Moving on to 2nd UU principle: We affirm and promote justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

How it works: read the intention for the week. Each day, decide when you’ll engage the practice: Perhaps first thing, before getting out of bed, or over breakfast; or in the middle of the day, over lunch; or at the end of the day, before going to bed. Keep a journal or make notes on your computer or phone of what you notice, what was hard, what was easy, how it affected you, what you’re learning. We stay with one intention per week, because it takes practice (and sometimes we forget or get distracted).

(Finishing up September’s focus on the 1st principle):

Sep 26-Oct 2: This week, I’ll focus on a body-based reflection practice for the first principle: Today, I’ll explore body motions and positions that affirm inherent worth & dignity – my own and others.

Oct 3-9: This week, I focus on justice: As I go through my day, how do I experience issues of justice playing out in my life? In my family’s life? In my community? How am I feeling about what I experience?

Oct 10-16: This week, as the country observes Columbus Day (or Indigenous People’s Day), I will imagine and inquire what equity might look like for those who lost their homes to conquerors.

Oct 17-23: This week, I shall open my beautiful heart to compassion, starting with myself. I’ll watch how I move through vulnerability, uncertainty, not knowing, failure. Can I keep my heart open to myself?

Oct 24-30: This week, I open my beautiful heart to compassion for those close to me. I’ll notice when my heart is open and when I inadvertently close down. What closes me down? I will intentionally open up again.

Oct 31-Nov 6: This week, as we move toward an important practice of democracy, I open my beautiful heart in compassion to my fellow citizens, even those with whom I don’t agree politically. What do I notice?

May your shared UU spiritual practice go well! Rev. Mary