How are you navigating winter?

At the collective level, the winter of climate change, the winter of impeachment testimonies and posturing, the winter of stripping away protections for our waterways, the winter of anti-choice vitriol, the winter of attacks on journalism, access to fact, to truth. 

At the personal level, I check my phone, looking for proof that the light is returning (daily changes in sunrise, sunset times). I notice the effect of cold on my ligaments and joints. I notice weariness and sorrow for targets of hatred and blame. I look for ways to feel and honor the anxiety, fear, and sorrows in me, in our families and community. I touch an inner knowing, reminding me that I have choices in how I respond to all this, and much more. I breathe from that knowing, the energy of the Universe within us and all around us. 

To navigate all this requires resilience, strength of purpose and strength of form, to help us spring forward in dynamic new balance in response to the stressors of life around us and to those voices within us resisting change, voices of ‘should,’ fear and assumption.

How do we cultivate resilience? One way is a circle of support, like our congregation. A second is self-kindness. A third is self-honesty or self-awareness, noticing what strengthens us, brings us into harmony with our deepest wisest self, and what weakens us. 

How are you allowing yourself to be supported?

What does kindness look like for you today?

What habits weaken you? What habits are making you more resilient?

May we support one another’s resilience this month, and beyond!