You may have heard of the recent leadership transition in the UUA (the Unitarian Universalist Association). Our president, chief operating officer and several other leaders have resigned, in response to controversy about white privilege in our association, arising from the hiring process of a regional lead organizer. The controversy was raised by an applicant (a woman of color) who was not hired. Instead, the position was offered to a white man. Much of the controversy escalated on social media. I have read columns and Facebook posts. And I lift up several things: (1) Our congregation and our association are committed to racial justice. We have a long way to go. And our commitment is deep. The serious response of our Association’s leadership is a positive sign that justice in hiring, being accountable to examine and transform institutional White Privilege matters to us. (2) And it is an opportunity for us to accept the gap between who we say we are, who we intend to be and who we are. And to work in that gap, with courage and kindness. (3) It is important for us to learn how to cultivate safe space for conversations which help us move closer to who would be, together.