From Robert R. Walsh, adapted:
“When the great plates slip, and the earth shivers, and the flaw is seen to lie in what you trusted most,
“look not to more solidity, to weighty slabs of concrete poured or strength of cantilevered beam to save the fractured order.
“Trust more the tensile strands of love that bend and stretch to hold you in the web of life that’s often torn but always healing.
“The shifting plates, the restive earth, your room, your precious life, they all proceed from love, the ground on which we walk together.”

How are you trusting those strands of connection from your heart? My spiritual practice is becoming simpler and simpler: Stop. Relax in this very moment (for an in-breath), even if I have a lot to do. There is nothing more important or precious or powerful or empowering than this spacious moment. With all that love has created. Right here with me as I write. Right here with you as you read. If I stay open, if you stay open, to this spacious, loving, creative presence, we are all right and may become a blessing to those around us. This nurtures the heart – always right here, waiting to nurture us. When we pause, open, take it in and live from the nurturing heart. Photo by thechallahblog