Looking out my window, I see gray. We are between winter cold fronts. Today is misty and rainy. I see Lake Erie, placid water moving with light and shadow. The horizon, lost in the mist. The air is liquid, my to do list, long. Where does motivation come from, to accomplish what we must? What wisdom might nature embody that could help? Breathing into the liquid day, I hear a response: Flow. Let my attention flow where it is needed. Trust that the lake is still there, beyond the mist. Trust that I too am part of this landscape, this heart and mind-scape. That you and I and all of us – including the mist, the rain and the lake – are co-evolving. Today, to do what I must, to be present, may I be calm, quiet, deep, flowing.

In this new year, what wisdom might nature reflect to you, so that you may show up in your life, in your relationships, in your community?