In September we witnessed a miracle of hope, touching Americans of all religious identities, bridging the congressional divide, in response to an old man, son of immigrants, visiting our country for the first time: Pope Francis spoke with such love for the sacredness of our planet, with such compassion for the unmet needs of the human family, and with such power about our responsibility toward one another. He brought the congress and the homeless to tears – tears from the heart. Tear of hope. He spoke to immigrants, hungry for dignity and a place at the table. Pope Francis was saying publicly what so many people believe and need to hear. Why was this a miracle? Because one man dares to use the power of his office to call us all back from the brink of self-righteous despair – certainty that our party or our religion is the only right one. The out-pouring of love for Pope Francis and hope from his vision of an undivided human family, bodes well for humanity. He asked us to pray for him. I hope you’ll join me. We need his voice, like the balm in Gilead.