We the People – Imagining 2021

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As the new year starts, I’m hearing what I call PHD: Pandemic Holiday Disenchantment syndrome. Unable to celebrate the winter holidays in “time honored…

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Mary’s Musings

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Hush, Wait, Listen In the late 1990s, I asked the Universe (aka my beautiful heart or deepest wisest Self) for guidance, to help in…

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Deep Listening

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The worship theme for October is Deep Listening. Especially in this election cycle during pandemic, we need to listen deeply to ourselves to stay…

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What Renews You?

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The worship theme for September is Renewal. Renewal is life’s way. In September we witness a new month, new season, Jewish new year, new…

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What Do You Expect?

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The worship theme for August is Expectation. What do you expect? I expect and look forward to continuing uplifting services and TED Talks from…

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