Mary’s Musings

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Mary’s Musings: Thresholds – Theme of the Month As we begin the month of May, our state and communities are poised on the threshold…

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Wisdom: Theme of the Month

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I’m enjoying themes from Soul Matters, a group of UU ministers/writers. The theme for March is Wisdom. As lingering winter wrestles with the restlessness…

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Resilience: Theme of the Month

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How are you navigating winter? At the collective level, the winter of climate change, the winter of impeachment testimonies and posturing, the winter of…

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Signs of Caring Community, 3

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How do we keep faith with Life when we’re bombarded by attacks on women, minorities, immigrants, the rule of law and democracy?  How do…

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Signs of Caring Community, 2

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With political hyperbole and divisiveness filling the airwaves, creating reactivity, I’ve been looking for signs that caring community is alive and well. Here’s an…

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